2010 Results

Michigan Fall Classic

 Michigan Running Club Men’s and Women’s teams finish1st at Michigan Fall Classic MRun opens the NIRCA cross country season with a strong start

Meet: Michigan Fall Classic
Date: September 26, 2010
Site: Ford Field Park; Dearborn, MI
Results: Men and Women: 1st of 8

Men’s Team Results
Women’s Team Results

On Sunday, September 26th, the Michigan Running Club competed in its second meet of the season, theMichigan Fall Classic. It was a great showing as both the men’s and women’s teams took first place and maintained their position as course champions. 37 men and 19 women attended the 5K meet, competing with 8 other club teams. Both individual winners are members of MRun.

Michigan Running club newcomer Mackenzie Adams started out her NIRCA cross country career with a first place finish, and a time of 19:15. The next two runners to cross the finish line were also from MRun, Mollie Pozolo with a time of 19:55 and Erica Christensen, right on her heels, with a 20:00. Fourth for MRun, in 8th place, was Lindsay Doherty with a 21:14, followed closely by Michelle Lapin (9th place, 21:17). Also to receive awards for MRun were Katie Grassa (13th place, 21:14) and Anabelle Schuelke (15th place, 21:47). The women had a total of 23 points, followed by Central Michigan (51) and Michigan State (76).

Out of the top 15 males who earned awards, 9 were from MRun. Nathan Peters continued to lead the team with a time of 15:53 and a first place finish overall. It was a close finish between Peters and runner from Purdue until Peters took the lead and finished 3 seconds ahead. The next three MRunners to finish the race, Joe Billian (16:18) Jimmy Adams (16:46), and Jason Mahakian (16:58), came in to take 5th, 6th, and 7th place. MRun’s last scoring finisher, Justin Waraniak made his MRun debut to take 9th place (17:00). Alex Carney (10th place, 17:03), Joey Lisano (13th place, 17:07), TJ Butler (14th place, 17:12), and Josh Lumley (15th place, 17:13) rounded out the award winners from MRun. The men’s team finished far ahead with 28 points, followed by Purdue (64) and MSU (83).

MRun hopes to continue this winning streak as they compete in the Loyola Lakefront Invitational on October 2nd. Women will compete in a 5K and men will race an 8K in the meet, which will take place in Chicago, IL.


MRun Men
Nathan Peters-1st-15:53
Joe Billian-5th- 16:18
Jimmy Adams- 6th- 16:46
Jason Mahakian-7th- 16:58
Justin Waraniak-9th- 17:00
Alex Carney-10th- 17:03
Joey Lisano-13th- 17:07
TJ Butler-14th- 17:12
Joshua Lumley-15th- 17:13
Greg King-16th- 17:14
Ian Prochaska-17th-17:15
Charlie Mouch-19th- 17:27
Zach Prochaska-21st- 17:35
Garrett Carpenter-25th- 17:52
Sean Clifford-26th- 17:57
David Schwartz-29th- 18:00
Thomas Yeh-32nd- 18:04
Elliot Manzon-33rd- 18:08
Evan Dancer- 36th-18:14
Austen Campbell-Fox-40th- 18:22
Clint Piper-45th- 18:33
Paul Regier-50th- 18:49
Connor Jessup-52nd- 18:52
Mark Kennedy-53rd- 18:53
David Penner- 56th- 18:58
John Bennet-64th- 19:26
Matt Harkreader-67th- 19:35
Justin Opfermann- 72nd- 19:50
Lucas Rondon- 73rd- 19:51
Alex Petti-76th- 19:54
Jack Jessup-78th- 19:59
Andy Scheffer- 86th- 21:13
Chris Langenburg-94th- 22:50
Sam Liveson-96th- 22:55
Eric Pomeroy-100th- 23:43

MRun Women
Mackenzie Adams-1st- 19:15
Mollie Pozolo- 2nd- 19:55
Erica Christensen- 3rd- 20:00
Lindsay Doherty- 8th- 21:14
Michelle Lapin- 9th- 21:17
Katie Grassa-13th- 21:41
Annabelle Schuelke-15th- 21:47
AlainaVouaux- 17th- 22:04
Melissa Hoffman-19th- 22:09
Laura Weiser- 20th- 22:15
Elisa Carolan-21st- 22:25
Chrissie Costakis- 23rd- 22:39
Melanie Jackson- 24th- 22:40
Dorota Marchel- 33rd- 23:24
Jane Harness-37th- 24:10
Nona Ebrahimi-38th- 24:16
Collen Wagner-50th- 27:07
Erika Blankenship-52nd- 27:46
Stephanie Jordet-57th- 31:55