MRun - Michigan Running Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I fast enough to join MRun?

Absolutely! MRun has runners of all abilities and everyone is welcome to join us on our daily runs. No matter how fast you are, there are always other people who are just as fast and excited to run with you. If you're still worried, come try out a run with us!

How long are the runs?

Daily runs are held Monday through Friday and three distances are offered: a 3, 5, and 7+ mile run. On Sundays a long run group meets and offers distances of 8, 10, and 13+ miles.

When and where does MRun meet?

MRun meets for daily runs Monday through Friday at 4:15 PM at the end of the bridge in front of the Central Campus Recreation Building (map link). On Sunday mornings, a long run group meets at 10 AM in the same place. In addition to normal runs, distance and sprint workouts are held each Tuesday and Thursday. During cross country season, workouts are held at the same time and place as normal practice (4:15 at the CCRB). During track season, Tuesday workouts are held at 8 PM at the varsity indoor track (map link), and Thursday workouts are still held during normal practice. In the summer, MRun meets at the same location but at 6:15 PM.

Does MRun ever compete?

MRun participates in a variety of cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track meets in Michigan and neighboring states ranging from club meets to varsity races. For cross country, men typically run 8k and women run 6k. For track, every race and field event offered at a varsity track meet is available. In MRun, we have people competing in every event from the 100m to the 10k to the steeplechase to the javelin.

What parts of MRun are mandatory?

None of it! Absolutely no MRun events are mandatory, including daily practice, workouts, and meets. Some members only come to daily practice and never do workouts or meets, some can only come a few days per week because of class time conflicts, and some only come in the fall or spring. The most important thing to remember about MRun is to do what you want in the club, whether that's relieving stress with a casual daily run or training to compete and set new PRs.

Does MRun run all year long?

Yes! MRun meets all year long despite environmental conditions.

Are there sprinters or field event competitors in MRun?

Yes! MRun's group of sprinters and field event competitors is highly competitive and growing. If you competed in high school track and field, this is the perfect opportunity to continue your track and field career and even compete against various varsity teams as well as club teams. If you are new to track and field and hoping to get involved, every level of competition is available and we would love to have you join. There are no tryouts and we encourage all types of runners, new and old.

I'm afraid I'll feel left out because everyone in MRun already knows each other!

While a lot of MRunners know each other already, new people come to run all the time throughout the year. The club is very welcoming and all MRunners enjoy meeting new people and running with them. If you come in the fall at the beginning of the school year, there are tons of new runners to meet and become friends with.

How do I get started?

Just show up and run with us!