Isabella Vincil

Hi, my name is Isabella Vincil, and I am so so excited to be your SWAG chair this year! Please reach out to me with any SWAG-related questions or suggestions! I would love to hear from you :)


 Navy Singlet

Our classic racing singlet! We have multiple designs which may vary from year to year, but they are all navy.


 White Singlet

A special order by past SWAG Chair, Kristina! We’ve reordered this year, so there’s plenty in stock!


 Clawmark Singlet

A special order by past SWAG Chair, Theresa!


 Classic Crewneck

MRun’s signature SWAG item, our classic blue crewneck! Super comfy and great for Michigan weather.


 MRun Flannel

Special order by past SWAG chair, Mallory! Another super soft item that’s perfect for cooler weather!


 Zip Up Hoodie

Another special order by past SWAG chair, Theresa! Pick up your super soft hoodie at office hours today!


 Bucket Hat

A very popular hat. It’s perfect for sunny meets!



Protect yourself from the sun and/or cold with these super cool SWAG items!
Brooks Hat (with ponytail opening) - $5
MRun Sunglasses - $5

 $3 short sleeve / $6 long sleeve

 Miscellaneous T-Shirts

Show your MRun spirit with shirts of the seasons past! Stop by office hours to browse the large variety of options!


 Other Options

Women’s Spandex: various brands and colors
Men’s Nike Half Tights: navy
Men’s and Women’s Split Shorts: solid navy or navy and white