Kyle Sable (2000-03, Club Founder)

Really? Seriously? 44,000 students and there isn’t a running club? How could that be? I spent my first semester at Michigan looking all over for the running club before concluding one simply did not exist. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only person that found a lack of a running club at Michigan to be almost unbelievable, and so a small group of students from South Quad set out to form MRun in January of 2000.

We reserved a small room in the Union for our first “mass meeting,” stuck flyers in every dorm and major lecture hall, and waited anxiously to see if anyone would show up. And show up MRunners certainly did. We gave our presentation halfway out the room’s door so the dozens of overflow attendees could hear our pitch for a new club to promote friendship, community service, and health through running. What we lacked in uniforms and formal support (MRun didn’t become part of Rec Sports until several years later), we made up for in enthusiasm, sporting homemade headbands at charity fundraisers and a hodgepodge of Michigan shirts at races.

I don’t know what to be more surprised about now – the things that have changed or the things that haven’t. The racing schedule and size of the club is massive compared to our humble start, and MRun has led to countless friendships and more – including marriages and children! At the same time, the club still meets at 4:15 at the CCRB, still has the cheapest dues of any club sport to enable broad participation, and still supports recreational running, competitions, social events, and charitable endeavors.

Looking back, MRun was the most important part of my college experience, and I take pride in having helped to create something so important to so many others. I still love donning the latest MRun singlet for races, and always find myself picking up the pace just a little bit when I hear a “Go Blue!”

- Kyle

Greg Sollish (2012-15, Club President)

Hello internet surfer! You must be bored if you (like me) have found your way to the alumni features page of a club running team's website. Anyway, I graduated way back in 2015 with my BA in Anthropology, and through a series of questionable life decisions, that my more STEM inclined former roommates constantly remind me of, I have found myself in a PhD program in anthropology at the University of Virginia (I still dabble in NIRCA, so look for the slow old guy at nationals). On a more serious note, however, MRun was my family as an undergraduate. I transferred to Michigan midway through my freshman year, and arrived unsure of my academic and social future. MRun was there to support me. MRunners not only became my awesome teammates, but they also became my roommates and some of the best friends I have ever made. There are currently three of us former MRunners living here in Charlottesville, and we still meet up to run and watch football games. The relationships you make on this club will last a life time. My one piece of advice for new runners is to travel. Even if you are not in to racing, just get out of the Ann Arbor bubble for the experience. You never know who is going to wake you up at 4:00am to introduce themselves as your weekend roommate only to later become a great friend (wink, wink, Jimmy Adams).

- Greg

Travis Latchaw II (2014-17)

I got this wristband right after my first Mrun fall mass meeting during my sophomore year when I joined the club, and I have not taken it off since. At first it was simply because I liked having it on, but after awhile I kept it on to show my pride for the club and team that I was a part of. My entire college experience became intertwined with Mrun practices, events, and most importantly, people.

With the exception of maybe 2 or 3 people, I made all of my friends in Mrun, and in a relatively short time as well. I met people who were welcoming, funny, and much like myself, enjoyed running for some reason. And that is what really kept me coming back. I did like getting faster and working to break my PRs. Seeing that progress over time was very motivating, but I came for the people. And as I moved from Mrun novice to veteran and unofficial sprint training chair I really tried to exhibit the same qualities of welcomeness and humor that drew me into the club.

If I were to give advice to new Mrunners, I would say to keep at it. There are gonna be those days where, much like the M on my wristband, your motivation will fade and you won't really want to go to practice for one of any number of reasons, and there are gonna be days where you don't run as well as you would like to, but persistence pays off. And if all else fails, and you just have an absolutely terrible practice, or performance at a meet, take solace in the fact that the entirety of Mrun is cheering for you still. No matter if you are a distance runner or sprinter (#SPRINTERS FOR LIFE), fast or slow, the team wants you to succeed, and eventually you will fall into that as well and you will find yourself cheering for your friends and even other Mrunners you haven't met with "an enthusiasm unknown to mankind".

Mrun is the one of the best clubs on campus, and I envy anyone who gets to spend all four years of their college experience with its members.

- Travis

Taylor Flynn (2012-16)

Hi again MRun friends! As a freshman I felt totally lost at a University with so many people, I had no idea where to start! When I found MRun as a sophomore, it completely changed my college experience. I found some of the greatest, loveliest, most eccentric people that I still get to call my best friends! I graduated back in 2016 from the School of Nursing, after 3 years of MRun love, 1 stint as a RAM coordinator, and I was even a social chair with your very own Ross Pendergast! My advice to new runners is to say yes to everything. When your loving social chairs plan events, say yes! Go get MoJo with everyone after practice, stay out late at the UGLi not even studying, go spend 24 hours on RAM. When you look back on your college years, that is definitely what you will remember! MRun was my family on campus, and all of my best college memories inevitably involve MRun. Nowadays, I am one of three former MRunners living in Charlottesville, VA. I am currently working as a labor and delivery nurse at UVA hospital, where I get to catch babies for a living! I am so incredibly grateful I found a home in MRun, and proudly wear my MRun spirit wear around Virginia to entice a "Go Blue!" every once in a while! :)

Much MRun Love,